pwebstats: contributors and release notes


Many thanks to Randy Bush for providing the USA mirror of the pwebstats distribution.

Contributors of code, bugs and fixes:

Nathan Bailey <>
Vern Hart <>
Daniel O'Callaghan <>
Scott Penrose <>
Anthony D'Atri <>
GLen Pringle <>
Steve Fenger <>
Nick Kean <>
Richard Hobson <>
Stephen Stebbing <>

Release notes

Version: 1.3.8 9 September 1999

Addition: re-generate index page if it is zero-sized due to full disk on last run. Thanks to Stephen Stebbing <>.

Version: 1.3.7 23 November 1998

Minor Change: allow ':' in last field of page-config format.

Version: 1.3.6 5 November 1998

Bug Fix: problem with format line for extended log.

Version: 1.3.5 13 October 1998

Bug Fix: was drawing an extra line off the side of the growth chart.

Version: 1.3.4 12 October 1998

Bug Fix: complete_exclude_url_patt was matching on a broader string than it should. Thanks to Richard Hobson <> for reporting this bug.
Also checks for illegal characters in hostnames (ref: RFC 1035) that would cause problems.

Version: 1.3.3 25 September 1998

Bug Fix: would fail if a page-config file was specified in the config filebut didn't exist.

Version: 1.3.2 10 September 1998

Bug Fix: would fail when running for the first time.

Version: 1.3.1 7 September 1998

Bug Fix: would fail to generate the growth in requests graph after 31 Dec 1998.

Version: 1.3.0 18 February 1998

New: NCSA Extended log support.
New: option to turn off DNS lookups. Thanks to Nick Kean <>.
Change: handles either IP number or hostname for host exclusions.
Bug Fix: reading from STDIN wasn't working properly.

Version: 1.2.1 8 December 1997

Bug Fix: Running pwebstats again on the same logfile with extra data wdidn'tork if the log wasn't in common log format.

Version: 1.2.0 1 October 1997

New: Support for Windows NT & 95/98 platforms, support for squid logs, IP number resolution.
Change: page stats no longer does case-insensitive matches. Thanks to Steve Fenger <>
Bug Fix: growth chart reports proper interval for current interval if daily, monthly or quarterly (was 'Requests this week' for any interval).

Version: 1.1.3 19 May 1997

Bug fixes: was ignoring first line of log file, problems with drawing numbers on the requests/hour and proxy growth graphs.
Now including in the distribution.

Version: 1.1.2 9 May 1997

Bug fix: problems with growth image if fly not in path.

Version: 1.1.1 6 May 1997

Bug fix: gave incorrect error for missing logfile in proxy mode.

Version: 1.1 5 May 1997

Faster page-stats caclulation (>10x speedup); new options: complete_exclude_host, complete_exclude_url_patt, complete_exclude_user; can take input from standard input, or read compressed logfiles; can handle a single logfile for proxy stats (e.g. apache proxy).

Version: 1.0.1 20 March 1997

Minor bug fix in handling the years before 1994.

Version: 1.0 17 February 1997

Minor bug fixes. Release version.

Version: 0.99b2 2 April 1996

More minor bug fixes. Now includes fixed, and fixes to some of the auxiliary programs.

Version: 0.99b 4 January 1996

Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

Version: 0.98b 21 December 1995

New layout of pages, addition of number of requests to list of weeks in gross stats index page, addition of number of visitors to collection stats.

Version: 0.97b 25 November 1995

Quick update to fix minor bug in html output.

Version: 0.96b 24 November 1995

Option to exclude url/accesses option from proxy stat calculation to save a lot to time and memory.
Also a patch for SunOS and HP/UX machines with a broken

Version: 0.95b 7 November 1995

Includes new version of fly - incorporating fixes to the polygon code that were causing unusual behaviour on some machines.
Also some other fixes.

Version: 0.94b 25 October 1995

Had to change some command-line option names, due to a 'feature' of it's case-insensitive (argh!).
Miscellaneous fixes - typos, checks.

Version: 0.93b 24 October 1995

Added extra debugging code, for SunOS-broken
More economic with memory, deleting unwanted elements from associative arrays before sorting.

Version: 0.92b 19 October 1995

* Patches from Vern Hart applied to make search for fly more robust, and make symlinks safer.
* Proper weekly/monthly interval support in html and filenames.

Version: 0.91b 18 October 1995

First public release.

Version: 0.90b 11 October 1995

Limited release version.


  • Can't handle some unusual logfile formats (non-Common Logfile Format).
  • Doesn't handle re-running a period of stats automatically.

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