pwebstats: installation

Table of Contents

  1. Requirements.
  2. Obtaining the source.
  3. Installing pwebstats.


  • Perl version 5.000 or higher.
  • fly, to create the graphs. You can use one of the precompiled binaries by downloading one from the fly web page or compile it from the source code.
  • An access log.

Obtaining pwebstats

via FTP or HTTP

pwebstats is available via anonymous ftp.\

Please choose the site closest to you.

in Unix compress format:
pwebstats-1.3.8.tar.Z (138k) [FTP/Australia] [FTP/USA] [HTTP/USA]
or in GNU zip format:
pwebstats-1.3.8.tar.gz (69k) [FTP/Australia] [FTP/USA] [HTTP/USA]
or in PK zip format: (131k) [FTP/Australia] [FTP/USA] [HTTP/USA]

Installing pwebstats

After obtaining pwebstats, you will need to decompress and install it. Enter the following commands at the unix prompt:

File downloaded Instructions
pwebstats-1.3.8.tar.Z uncompress pwebstats-1.3.8.tar.Z
tar xf pwebstats-1.3.8.tar
pwebstats-1.3.8.tar.gz gunzip pwebstats-1.3.8.tar.gz
tar xf pwebstats-1.3.8.tar unzip -d
(or pkunzip -d

This will place the contents in a directory called pwebstats-1.3.8

You will also need to download and install fly to create the graphs and charts.
If you aren't installing fly in a directory that's in your path, you'll need to add the line
fly_prog:/path/to/fly (change /path/to/ to whatever is applicable)
to the pwebstats configuration file.

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