pwebstats: common log format

Lines from a log file in Common Log Format will look like this:

host rfc931 authuser [DD/Mon/YYYY:hh:mm:ss] "request" ddd bbbb

  • host: Either the DNS name or the IP number of the remote client
  • rfc931: Any information returned by identd for this person, - otherwise.
  • authuser: If user sent a userid for authentication, the user name, - otherwise.
  • Day
  • Mon: Month (calendar name)
  • YYYY: Year
  • hh: hour (24-hour format, the machine's timezone)
  • mm: minutes
  • ss: seconds
  • request: The first line of the HTTP request as sent by the client.
  • ddd: the status code returned by the server, - if not available.
  • bbbb: the total number of bytes sent, *not including the HTTP header*, - if available

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